Welcome to New Brunswick's Young Citizens 2017!

Dear Young Citizen Delegate:

Congratulations on being chosen to represent New Brunswick in the 2017 Young Citizens challenge! You are now part of a unique circle of young filmmakers. Like yourself, 200 young Canadians across the country have been chosen to act as film ambassadors for their region. Canada’s History Society is asking you to create a video that explores a theme relating to the history of Canada. Your mission is to present them with a completed video – by June 5 - that best explains your research topic and its importance to Canadians.

In preparation for this task, New Brunswick has organised a special production workshop for you and a member of your family, to help you complete your film. This workshop will take place June 3-4 in Fredericton, at Marshall D’Avray Hall on the University of New Brunswick campus. The workshop will begin on Saturday June 3 at 9:00 am, and will end on Sunday June 4 at 4 pm. During the workshop, the UNB production crew will assist you with all the final steps involved in creating and submitting your video to Canada’s History Society. Funding will also be made available to assist with your family’s travel costs to attend the workshop.

Make sure to read the guidelines that accompany this message - as well as these videos we have posted on this blog site:

It will help you to produce the best possible video to be broadcast worldwide on the Young Citizens website (http://kids.canadashistory.ca/Kids/YoungCitizens.aspx ) starting in June. From June 12-July 7, a large vote will take place across the country to determine which of the videos produced are among Canada’s favourites. Your video could earn you a trip to Ottawa to meet other young citizens, present your video at the Canada’s History Forum, and meet the Governor General at Rideau Hall.

For details about the national program, as well as to get to know the other young citizens chosen this year, or to view and comment on their videos, visit the website designed just for you at: YoungCitizens.ca

In confirmation of your participation in the provincial workshop, this registration form will need to be completed, signed by your parents/guardians, and faxed back to me (506-444-5760) - before May 20. Then we will be able to follow up this communication with an e-mail providing more detailed information regarding the weekend. In the meantime, you can also stay informed by visiting this special NB Young Citizens blog page (http://nbyc-jcnb.blogspot.ca/ ) that we have established. 

Welcome to the Company of Young Citizens! We look forward to meeting you in Fredericton on June 3, and later viewing your video on the national web site!

Cynthia Wallace-Casey, PhD
Provincial Heritage Fair Coordinator
Heritage Branch
Tourism, Heritage & Culture
E-mail: cynthia.wallace-casey@gnb.ca