Instructions for Uploading the Video

Young Citizens will be using Dropbox (a free, file sharing service) to send and receive videos.

With a parent or guardian, visit to create a free, online account.

Upload your video to a Dropbox folder, right click the file and click “get link” next to the Dropbox icon.

Copy and email the link to 

Videos are due to Canada’s History no later than June 6, 2016.


From June 13-July 6, you can invite friends and family to view and vote for your video.

There are social media buttons on your profile page, so you can post links on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. We would also appreciate your comments on some of the other videos that your fellow Young Citizens create.

We hope that Young Citizens gives you a chance to share your research with other Canadians and to interact with other students who love history. Make sure you get lots of people to vote for your video!

The result of the popular vote will make up 50% of your final score. Following the vote, a panel of judges will review the videos based on the different criteria in the attached rubric.

The judges will select final winners, who will receive a trip to Ottawa in the fall, where they will show their film at the Canada’s History Forum.